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Before there were computers and graphic design software, there were ink wells, water-colors and pens. That is where it began for my grandparents, Mary and Bob, who met in art school in the early 1930's. The Massachusetts School of Art, that is, now called the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The school was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious Art Schools in the world. The works of Art featured here was created for newspapers, magazines and ad campaigns in the 1930's and beyond. They were predominantly fashion advertisements where women were drawn to look sleek and sophisticated, an art genre all its own. These are just a small sampling of her commercial works and include some that were created in Art School for that purpose. I have several large Art books packed with drawings and ad campaigns, cartoons and scribbles, much of which I will feature in time to come.


The watercolor paintings were also created by my Grandmother (Nanny, we called her) and are marvelous works of Art. We have more to include as we get them together all in one place. They were painted reminders of her favorite places and much of my childhood summers spent on the coast in Maine. Enjoy. 

Mary Wardley Cunningham
Boat House


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